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The Club meets every Tuesday night from 19:00 to 21:00, although it is advisable to arrive by 18:30, especially if you are new and unfamiliar with the goings-on. We meet at Shadwell Basin.

Members who are part of a training programme should sign up for training groups on arrival. We then know who is on site, and members will know where they should be and with whom.

Experienced members can arrange themselves into river groups (remembering to advise Port Control of their departure before setting off); alternately experienced members may paddle on the Shadwell Basin.


Roz, who lives at No 2, holds a set of keys that are allocated for the Club’s use. On a Tuesday night these should be collected from Roz. Please do not ask basin staff for keys as it is not their responsibility to look after us. There is no car access to the basin on a Tuesday night. With all the activities that take place at the centre, there is not enough space to park cars. The main gate is therefore locked to prevent cars coming in and this will not be opened so please don’t ask.


Any THCC or Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre (SBOAC) kit may be used on Club night – with the exception of SBOAC playboats.

The Club’s Duty Officer will unlock the cupboards and cages and lock them again before going on the water. He/she will also unlock them when people get off and then ensure everything is secure before leaving the site.

For further details on what kit is what please see Equipment.


The Club offers training every Tuesday night, for BCU 1 star, 2 star and 3 star kayak training.

Depending on member interest, we can also offer open canoeing and introductions to sea kayaking, as well as canoe polo.

The Training Officer keeps records of where everyone is at until they complete their BCU 3 star kayak test, which allows them to paddle unsupervised on the basin and in small groups on the Thames.

On arrival, groups may already have been arranged and an instructor have been allocated. If this is the case please tick your name on arrival so the instructor knows who is present and hence how many they are taking out that night.

If no names are on the board, there will be group titles, e.g. “1 star”, “2 star”, “Pool”, “River". Please sign up for “1 star” if you are working towards 1 star, “2 star” if working towards 2 star, and so on. Pool sessions may not always be run, particularly in summer.

Please also note Health & Safety, regarding paddling on the river.

General paddling

The Club presently provides no further kayak training beyond the BCU 3 star. Members can paddle on the Thames, on the basin or in the pool. We often play games with trainees that others can join in or members may play Polo. All activities are subject to the Health & Safety policy outlined later.

Indoor pool training

The Club has access to the St Georges Pool on The Highway near Shadwell station. During the winter months we normally arrange exclusive use of the small training pool located behind the Pool's reception area from 19:45 - 20:45 on select Tuesdays. Dates booked for pool use will be communicated via the forum as we usually only book this pool during Nov - Apr. Groups of paddlers wishing to learn or practice skills especially in the colder winter months can use this area provided they are accompanied by a Level 1 qualified coach, and no more than 8 in a group.


After paddling we go to the pub. This where a lot of trips, equipment purchase orders, day paddles and other activities are organised and members can get to know each other or catch up. Once a month we also hold a BBQ at the basin after paddling.