First Aid kits

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There are two club first aid kits.

Trip kit

The first kit is part of the trip equipment (along with the emergency shelter and some other bits). It sleeps in the trip kit bag. This keeps it dry, clean and happy. This kit is there for taking on trips. It should stay in a dry bag, ideally with the rest of the trip kit in the trip kit dry bag. It should be returned in the trip kit bag at the end of your trip and put back where you found it. This kit should not be taken on a trip, forgotten about, left wet in the back of a boat, dur. After a trip, you probably return to the basin when its dark and you are tired. I don't care. It should be kept dry and returned with the trip kit. This stands for all equipement, and double for safety equiepment. First aid kits are safety equipement. If you leave it somewhere, fix it. If you use the kit, replace the bits you use.

Basin kit

The second kit is the site kit for coaching. It does not leave the site. You may think you want to take it off site. You would be wrong. Maybe you can't find the trip first aid kit. Sorry, this kit does not leave the site. You don't like the trip first aid kit, this one is nicer. I don't care. Buy your own - you probably should have one anyway. You may feel you can't afford your own kit. Reconsider this option, or your trip. First aid kits are safety equipement. This kit doesn't leave the site.


  1. Trip first aid kit. Keep it dry and clean. Replace materials. Put it back in the right place when you return.
  2. Site first aid kit. On Tuesdays try to put it out ready for use. This kit does not leave the site.