BCU One Star

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The BCU One Star is a flat water award that demonstrates an individual has basic boat control and foundation skills.

Outline of the syllabus

(For the full text, see the PDF file on the BCU web site.)

1 Personal Paddling Skills
1.1 Lift, carry and launch
1.2 Forward paddling
1.3 Steering and controlling
1.4 Return to the bank and get out
2 Rescue Skills
2.1 Capsize and be rescued or swim to shore
2.2 Emptying boats
3 Safety, Leadership and Group Skills
3.1 Personal Risk Management
3.2 Awareness of others
4 Theory
4.1 Equipment
4.2 Safety
4.3 First Aid and Hypothermia
4.4 Access
4.5 Environment
4.6 General