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== More ==
== More ==
* [[Who We Are|Club structure]]
{{Committee links}}
* [[Joining|Joining the club]]
* [[Location|Where We Are]]
* [[Contact|Contacting us]]
* [[Past committees]]

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From 21 April 2015.

The committee:       
Chair Natalie Maderova
Treasurer Lars Hagenbuch
Secretary Esther Wheeler

Section Reps:
White water kayaking Chris Wride, Mark James
Sea kayaking Michal Madera, Charlie Skrine
Open canoeing Lucy Downer, Lindsey Harris
Polo George Hewson
Social Margherita Caretta, Vicky Evans
SBOAC Liaison Sarah Wallis, Michele Katzler

Other officals:
Training Officers Lindsey Harris, Myles Molloy
Equipment Officer Toby Carr
Webmaster Ian Higgs
Duty Officer Everybody in rotation!