River kayak inventory

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The river kayaks available to the club.

THCC river kayaks

Updated 1st August 2021

This page includes links to the Boat Inventory for: White water; Basin (unsuitable for white water trips); River racing; Playboats. The tables below identify the boats and also give you their current status. Basin only boats are on this list because they are not suitable for white water or are in the process of being repaired.

Each of the club kayaks should have their identification number somewhere on the boat. If it has rubbed off, please let the Equipment Officers know.

You are responsible for ensuring any boat you book for a trip is trip worthy. If boats become damaged or lose parts during a trip, please let the Equipment Officers know.

White Water

Basin only

River Racing

Play Boat trips only

Shadwell Basin river kayaks

Shadwell Basin own a wide range of river kayaks which we can use on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

It is generally not necessary to use them on club trips.

Inside the top large cage they're identified by SBOAC markings inside the cockpit, most have a blue gaffa tape square on the rear of the boat.